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 MaliciousKris666's test results

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MaliciousKris666's test results Empty
PostSubject: MaliciousKris666's test results   MaliciousKris666's test results EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 9:44 am

Deck: Evil hero's

Deck Tester: Gem-Knights

Tier: 1/2

Deck Build: 1/4

Strategy: 1/4

Creativity Originality: 0/3

Rulings: 2/5

Use of Cards: 2/5

Control of Duel: 0/5

Concentration: 3/5

Result of Duel: 0/15

Elite Dorm requirments: 50/50

Ra Yellow Dorm requirements are: 27-41/50

Slifer Red Dorm requirements are: anything below 26


Final dorm placement Slifer.

Try harder and you will succeed.
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MaliciousKris666's test results
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