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 DDA War Book

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PostSubject: DDA War Book   DDA War Book EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 2:10 am

Registering a Team

  • A Team must have 6 to 13 total members.
  • Members can only be on 1 Team at a time.
  • Make a topic in the Register a Team section and have at least 6 members confirm their affiliation. (The rest can confirm later either by posting or participating in a war.)
  • Approved Teams' topics will be moved to the Official Teams List section.

  • Team name: (Full name. Not taken.)
  • Abbreviation: (Related to the Team name. Not taken. 2 to 4 letters.)
  • Captain:
  • Co-captain(s):
  • Members:

Registering a war

  • All wars are TCG-only: Advanced Format Banlist without changes (cannot restrict Decks, archetypes, etc.)
  • All wars have a 25 days deadline.
  • The rosters must be confirmed by both Captains or Co-captains before approval. (Must have same amount of players and subs.)
  • To register a war make a topic in the War Registration section.
  • Approved wars are moved to the War Arena.

  • War format: (Single Crossfire / Double Crossfire / Hearts.)
  • Team 1 roster: (Main lineup and subs if needed.)
  • Team 2 roster: (Main lineup and subs if needed.)

War Formats & Matches Rules

  • All matches are best 2 out of 3 with side-Decking allowed.
  • Players can challenge any opponent.
  • Players may always change Decks after a match is over.

    • Single/Double Crossfire

      • Minimum 5 players and 1 sub from each side.
      • The first Team to reach 0 remaining players loses.
      • Single: A player who loses 1 match is eliminated.
      • Double: A player who loses 2 matches is be eliminated. (Subs with 1 lost match can only replace players with 1 lost match.)

    • Hearts

      • Minimum 5 players from each side. No subs.
      • The amount of hearts must be greater or equal than the amount of players (max 20).
      • When a player loses, their Team loses a heart.
      • The first Team to reach 0 hearts loses.

During a war

  • Rosters cannot be edited unless both leaders agree.
  • After each match, both players must post the results. (Always take screenshots of your victories just in case.)
  • If a player has to go during a duel, they forfeit the duel upon leaving. If a player has to go during a match (after finishing a duel but before completing the match), it may continue later, but the player who left is not allowed to side-Deck.
  • If the official Banlist changes, the war continues with the initial Banlist. (Any necessary proxies would be announced.)
  • If new cards are released or game rules change, the war continues using the cardpool and rules it started with.

    • Activity

      • At least one match needs to be played every 5 days for your war to be considered "active".
      • If there are severe inactivity issues, contact a War Adjudicator to look into the matter.
      • Deadlines will only be extended if both Teams are active enough to finish the war in a reasonable time.

    • Disputes

      • If you have a dispute with a player, always try to solve it with them first:

        • For ruling disputes, look up the ruling and show what you find.
        • For gameplay disputes, remain calm and try to explain the situation to your opponent.
        • Using an OCG card during a duel warrants a game loss. Should it happen, take a screenshot of it, inform your opponent of the issue and proceed with the match.
        • If an OCG card issue is reported after a match is over, the match results are not altered (admitting defeat is equivalent to submitting a Match Result Slip).
        • If a situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you may contact a War Adjudicator. Please be patient when waiting, and explain the situation carefully.
        • If you are caught lying or misrepresenting facts, you will be punished.
        • Players and War Adjudicators must follow the KDE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT DOCUMENTS found here and the DN rules and policies.

    • Disconnections

      • If it is absolutely clear that only a simple action(s) (e.g. declaring an attack against an opponent without field and hand, passing the turn for Final Countdown, etc.) was required for the disconnected player to win, a game win is awarded. For all other disconnection instances, a game loss is awarded.

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DDA War Book
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