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 Registering a Clan War

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Registering a Clan War Empty
PostSubject: Registering a Clan War   Registering a Clan War EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 2:14 am

A heads up to everyone interested in creating a war!

War topics are written like this
[Initials] Team Name VS Team Name [Initials]

Wars that have been won should be initialized as such.
[Initials] Team Name VS Team Name [Initials] - {Initials Won}

Now for the actual post:


War registration: For your war to be counted it must use either the TCG or OCG cardpool, not both. TCG and OCG wars will have separate rankings.

Follow the below format to register for a war:
Ranked: (TCG / OCG.) * Implies the following: Advanced Format Banlist without changes (e.g. you cannot ban Decks like FTK, etc.), best 2 out of 3, side-Decking allowed.
War format: (1 vs 1 / Endurance / Crossfire / Hearts.) Deck changing after a won match: (Allowed or not - Overrides the war formats defaults.)
Deck changing after a lost match: (Allowed or not - Overrides Heart Points format in which this is allowed.)
Form of communication: (How both Teams will communicate.)
Deadline: (Number of days. 25 is the default.) * At least one duel needs to be played every 5 days for your war to be considered "active".

Team 1 roster: (Main lineup and subs.)

Team 2 roster: (Main lineup and subs.)

They must be in that format. No exceptions. Do not make me or one of the other War Judges delay the approval of your war because of formatting.
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Registering a Clan War
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